Project 24

Project 24

What began as the vision of a single man – Rev. Walter Obare, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya (ELCK) – is now the mission of six Christian men from the United States committed to carrying out the dream of building at least 24 orphan rescue centers throughout Kenya. Financial donations are collected from caring people around the world and used to construct safe homes, as well as provide food, clothing, and healthcare for children in need. As their physical needs are met, each child is also told of the love of Jesus. Learn More >



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Pastor James Kollie

Rev. James Kollie serves at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Cotton Tree, Liberia (West Africa). We have partnered with Pastor Kollie and his church to support and futher God's Kingdom in Liberia, Africa. 

Update on Pastor Kollie's Seminary Schooling

Update on Good Shepherd's School Building 


Pastor Kollie's Family

Pastor's Church in Liberia

Working on the Church

Lutherans in Africa

Lutherans in Africa

The Church in Africa is growing by leaps and bounds. And the Church in Africa is the target of both wily and audacious attacks of our foe. Caught in the middle are the men, women, and children hungry to hear God's Truth. Learn more >