Pastor Jason Wolter grew up on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota.  He graduated from Concordia University (St. Paul) with a BA in Communications.  He also met his wife, Tracy, there.  They were married 2 years after graduation.  After that he attended Concordia Seminary (St. Louis, MO).  For the first 10 years of his ministry, Pastor Wolter served as a teacher in Lutheran high schools.  During that time he served as the Director of Spiritual Life, was a guidance counselor and taught various Theology classes.  In 2012, he was Called to serve the dual parish of St. John's (Tecumseh, NE) and Immanuel (Sterling, NE).  

Pastor Wolter is married to Tracy; together God has blessed them with 3 wonderful children: Jacob, Isabella, and Zerubbabel (Zeb).

Pastor Wolter enjoys reading and coaching; he also likes golfing and fishing (although he's not very good at either one).